Friday, June 3, 2011

Light House Pinwheel

Memory Quilt.
I just finished this Light House Pinwheel quilt for Connie I.  
It's a twin size that she chose the fabrics to suit her needs.  It includes shirts from her father along with purchased yardage.  He also loved the coastal areas which is depicted by the Light Houses.
I like the coordinating border fabric with light houses that match with the light house blocks.
The photo shows only one half of the quilt....some day I'll have a room/wall big enough to show full quilts.
The quilting on it is a swirl wave that is loose so it is soft and drapes well.
She's happy with it!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blue Jeans Quilt

Recycled Blue Jeans Quilt!  
This king size commission quilt was created from blue jeans the kids had out grown. 
Because of it's size, it's extremely heavy - so they decided not to have it finished the 'traditional' way with additional batting and backing. 
This leaves it with raw edge seams so it's soft and fluffy on one side and when turned over, it's smooth and still shows the large star. 
When I first started this, I really worried about having enough difference in denim colors to get the visual effect for the star. I'm relieved to say that I was able to accomplish the design with what I'd been given.
Another happy family!

Reverse side / Smooth side
Recycled Blue Jeans Quilt

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Twilight Commission Quilt

'Twilight' Commission Quilt: 
This is the first finished block (of 48) using the "Twilight" pattern from and the Curves for Rectangles CGKA2 Ruler by Creative Grids
The pattern, fabric and ruler had been purchased prior to the customer contacting me. 
When I received this bundle, I had explicit instructions on the placement of colors and size of quilt.  
The pattern is for a 50-1/4" X 62-1/2" throw size....they wanted it enlarged to a 92" x 108"
So, after checking out the pre purchased fabric, I found that it was approximately 1/3rd yard short on 8 different colors.  I've been in contact with the owner and more fabric is on it's way!  In the mean time, I will proceed with what I can get done of the 48 blocks.
What's been interesting with this block/pattern, is that you take half of the fabric and cut from the 'right' side to get half of the needed blocks and then take the other half of the fabric and cut from the 'wrong' side so that you end up with mirror image blocks.  
My tip is to ONLY do one half of the blocks at a time - either the face up or face down ones.
You DON'T want to get them mixed up.

Here is 1/4 of the finished top for "Twilight" Quilt.  It's different looking from the pattern photo because of the color choices they used for the darks.  Where the dark brown and red point at each other, there should be darker blues so it becomes more of a square.  Yet by not using darker blues, it makes the red and brown undulate across the quilt which is rather unique.  I'm now waiting for their decision on what to use for a backing and batting so it can be totally completed.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fractured Photo Quilt for Mary P.

This one is for Mary P.  
It's the left side portion of a vibrant stormy sea-scape.  I had to mark up the black and white copy because I kept loosing where I was at.  By marking  & coloring it, it helped keep me in the perimeters of the assorted colors -- well ok I'm close.  I think of all five of the individual Fractured Photo sections I've done here, this one seemed to be the most difficult.  Not for intricacy, but in attempting to capture the colors of the photo which are really wild!!  To me, this sliver of the photo has lost the 'depth' of the whole picture.  I've reworked this piece several times, some how trying to find that 'depth' of the picture.  I've changed color placements, color tones, etc. 
I am hoping that the assembly of this will bring back the 'whole'.
Hopefully, I'm close as I'm stopping with this one.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fractured Photo Quilt for Nona S.

This section that I've just completed for Nona has a lot of applique!!!  
I had to keep in mind the sections that would be joining it and leave the applique pieces loose enough so they could be 'lapped' over to help make the transition easier.
Most of the fabric I've used in this piece is from my hand dyed fabric stash.
It seems to go really well with the colored photo. (not shown)  

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Renegade Horse Quilt

I ran across this Photo while sorting through my photo boxes from '05.  
Moneta W.  had decorated the room western style and color tone -
 and then she went in search of a quilt to go with it.  
She wanted blue, wine, green and gold coloring.  Horses.
This is what we came up with.  A queen size that 'tucked' into the railings.
I've never been to their home. I just have these photos of the finished quilt in it's place of honor.
Another fun & successful project!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fractured Photo Quilt for Jackie R.

OK!  This is ready to head back to Jackie! 

After I had done the leaf borders, it took me a while to find the background fabric in the color tone of the photo that I have.  It still wasn't quite right, so I added a little red with Derwent Inktense pencils. 
According to her note, the trees & bushes in the photo will be added by Jackie with Thread painting - so I didn't bother with those.  
The bridge is not at all what I started out to do.  I was going to hand applique....but it's so miniature that all it became was a lumpy/ messy blob.  So that all came off and I redid it by machine applique with detail stitching.
Sure hope it works for her!! :)

I spent the entire day working on these miniature leaf blocks and partially assembling them to this point.  Each leaf is approximately 1 inch....I had 14 to do!  So ok, I did take breaks. :)
Along side the pieced strips is part of the black and white section that I have to do for this Fractured Photo Quilt that belongs to Jackie.  I had to stop at this point as I don't have the correct color of fabric to start the back ground with.  It's a yellow green that I don't normally work with and defiantly don't have in my stash of fabrics.
I can't decide if I want to hand dye the fabric or go shopping....hmmmm.
Stay tuned for more progress when the fabrics have been found.
Close up photo of the 1" leaves.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fractured Photo Quilt for Cheryl S.

This is a section I've completed for Cheryl.  Her original photo is from part of the old Columbia River Hwy. which is now used for hiking / bicycles, etc.  These fabric sections are left a little larger than the paper sections so that the person has a little bit of "adjustment" room to work with. 
Yep!  It's going to be interesting to see how these all come together.

Fractured Photo Quilt for DonnE

I attended the Columbia River Quilt Guild this morning (5/21/11) where I picked up the next two installments that were ready for my Fractured Quilt!!  
At the same time, I delivered the four sections I'd finished for Jackie, Nona, Cheryl & Mary.
I have to say that if you don't know (haven't seen) the original photo, these sections don't make any since - at least not right now! 
But, I have to tell you that I am VERY pleased with what's been done so far....only one more section to wait for and then I'll start to  assemble it.  I did get to see a small portion of the final unfinished section and it's going to be GREAT with what has already been done. 
I am happy.

I've replaced the original photo that was in this spot - it was too washed out.  
This is closer to the real coloring which is richer in tones.
This is the first two sections of my Fractured quilt that I have joined together.  
I'm in a group of 5 women that we are each doing one section for each persons quilt/wall hanging.  
That means that I have 5 different 'sections' to for each person....including myself.
We each had a photo that we chose.  It was then enlarged to about poster size (give or take a foot or two!) in black and white.  That was then dissected into 5 parts. (one for each person in the group).  In each packet that I received, there was the black and white enlarged section along with a regular sized color copy of the original photo.  Some included fabrics which gives the color tones to work with and to help give a consistency among the 5 sections.  We can add more fabrics as needed.
When the sections are completed, we will exchange them and assemble them back into a replica of the original picture.  
This is going to be a long process.  Our due date is the end of July to have all sections returned to the owners.  We then have until the end of August to complete our own personal one.  These are scheduled to be hung September 15, 16, 17 - 2011 at the 'Columbia River Gorge Quilt Guild' Quilt Show which will be held in Stevenson, Washington.

I keep looking at these two adjoined sections and I think I will add some overlay pieces to help make the transition a little softer.  I have also decided that I'm going to wait until I receive the other 3 sections before going any further with this.  So until that happens.....stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scottish Lion Back

The Back side of the Scottish Lion Flag Quilt.  This is a rendition of the National Flag.
I'm pleased to say that this quilt - when finished - received a stamp of approval and I received a HUGH hug by the owners who commissioned it.  I know I've done a good job when there are smiles, watery eyes and hugs!  
I've also received a new commission from June on a much different style of quilt that I'll be posting as progress is made.

Scottish Lion

I received this photo of the young man that this quilt was made for!  He's pretty proud of this and approved of it being posted on my blog.
Thank YOU!!

This is a poor photo of the finished top.  The true gold color is more like the left side as the right side is over exposed.  Good thing I didn't use a flash!  This tells me that I need to replace my 10+ year old digital camera.

Scottish Lion

This is in creative mode.  It has been basted and hand appliqued to the background in preparation of adding outer borders.
Commission quilt: Designed off of the Scottish Flag.