Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blue Jeans Quilt

Recycled Blue Jeans Quilt!  
This king size commission quilt was created from blue jeans the kids had out grown. 
Because of it's size, it's extremely heavy - so they decided not to have it finished the 'traditional' way with additional batting and backing. 
This leaves it with raw edge seams so it's soft and fluffy on one side and when turned over, it's smooth and still shows the large star. 
When I first started this, I really worried about having enough difference in denim colors to get the visual effect for the star. I'm relieved to say that I was able to accomplish the design with what I'd been given.
Another happy family!

Reverse side / Smooth side
Recycled Blue Jeans Quilt


  1. Do you have a pattern for this beauty?

  2. Wonderful! As a mum of four kids I have lots of old jeans. Where can I get the pattern?

  3. It's a rag quilt. If you look at the picture closely you can figure out how to make it. The top including star & background took 256 squares including hst's. Then add 4 more rows to each side to get the drop and tuck. Since it's a King size i would guess 8" finished squares?