Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fractured Photo Quilt for Jackie R.

OK!  This is ready to head back to Jackie! 

After I had done the leaf borders, it took me a while to find the background fabric in the color tone of the photo that I have.  It still wasn't quite right, so I added a little red with Derwent Inktense pencils. 
According to her note, the trees & bushes in the photo will be added by Jackie with Thread painting - so I didn't bother with those.  
The bridge is not at all what I started out to do.  I was going to hand applique....but it's so miniature that all it became was a lumpy/ messy blob.  So that all came off and I redid it by machine applique with detail stitching.
Sure hope it works for her!! :)

I spent the entire day working on these miniature leaf blocks and partially assembling them to this point.  Each leaf is approximately 1 inch....I had 14 to do!  So ok, I did take breaks. :)
Along side the pieced strips is part of the black and white section that I have to do for this Fractured Photo Quilt that belongs to Jackie.  I had to stop at this point as I don't have the correct color of fabric to start the back ground with.  It's a yellow green that I don't normally work with and defiantly don't have in my stash of fabrics.
I can't decide if I want to hand dye the fabric or go shopping....hmmmm.
Stay tuned for more progress when the fabrics have been found.
Close up photo of the 1" leaves.

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  1. I saw the tiny leaf blocks today in person, they are so tiny I could nearly cover one with my pinky. Awesome job, I can't get over how small you can paper piece.