Sunday, May 22, 2011

Twilight Commission Quilt

'Twilight' Commission Quilt: 
This is the first finished block (of 48) using the "Twilight" pattern from and the Curves for Rectangles CGKA2 Ruler by Creative Grids
The pattern, fabric and ruler had been purchased prior to the customer contacting me. 
When I received this bundle, I had explicit instructions on the placement of colors and size of quilt.  
The pattern is for a 50-1/4" X 62-1/2" throw size....they wanted it enlarged to a 92" x 108"
So, after checking out the pre purchased fabric, I found that it was approximately 1/3rd yard short on 8 different colors.  I've been in contact with the owner and more fabric is on it's way!  In the mean time, I will proceed with what I can get done of the 48 blocks.
What's been interesting with this block/pattern, is that you take half of the fabric and cut from the 'right' side to get half of the needed blocks and then take the other half of the fabric and cut from the 'wrong' side so that you end up with mirror image blocks.  
My tip is to ONLY do one half of the blocks at a time - either the face up or face down ones.
You DON'T want to get them mixed up.

Here is 1/4 of the finished top for "Twilight" Quilt.  It's different looking from the pattern photo because of the color choices they used for the darks.  Where the dark brown and red point at each other, there should be darker blues so it becomes more of a square.  Yet by not using darker blues, it makes the red and brown undulate across the quilt which is rather unique.  I'm now waiting for their decision on what to use for a backing and batting so it can be totally completed.

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  1. Very interesting design. I will watch the progress.