Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fractured Photo Quilt for Mary P.

This one is for Mary P.  
It's the left side portion of a vibrant stormy sea-scape.  I had to mark up the black and white copy because I kept loosing where I was at.  By marking  & coloring it, it helped keep me in the perimeters of the assorted colors -- well ok I'm close.  I think of all five of the individual Fractured Photo sections I've done here, this one seemed to be the most difficult.  Not for intricacy, but in attempting to capture the colors of the photo which are really wild!!  To me, this sliver of the photo has lost the 'depth' of the whole picture.  I've reworked this piece several times, some how trying to find that 'depth' of the picture.  I've changed color placements, color tones, etc. 
I am hoping that the assembly of this will bring back the 'whole'.
Hopefully, I'm close as I'm stopping with this one.

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